Growing People

Now that the recession has hit and hurt most Company investment near capabilities, there is a priority to concentrate on what is the most critical asset: people value. A reset focus upon retaining and growing this valuable resource is the priority.

Various analyses indicate there is a large reservoir of talent available worldwide.Even more so since the crisis has blown over all economies, for the last two years.However, there is still a talent struggle involved in globality ; that is aligning the right talent with the required capabilities and the new economic conditions. It is partly an issue of quantity. Despite the great number of workers, there often are not enough qualified people available to meet demand. As Jared Sandberg says in a Wall Street Journal article, ”It says Press Any Key-Where the Any Key?”,the attrition rate in the Indian outsourcing industry has been as high as 50 percent annually. This is why Infosys Technologies, the giant Indian outsourcing firm was, up until recently, looking to hire several thousand Chinese employees.

The struggle is mostly about quality and the challenge of matching what seems to be the right credentials for the job and the actual skills required. Even in a recession time, numerous Companies find themselves with the growing issue of alignment. The successful ones focus on developing their methods of recruitment, development and deployment. These leading companies are making their own talent. No longer just fitting people into boxes, they primarily focus on these key actions:

-Recruiting for rapid growth

-Developing for depth

-Deploying for early results

-Letting builders build.

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